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Notable beneficial properties of regular hemp plant use

Hemp plants are extremely effective at cleansing soil and absorbing impurities.

How to create a healthier home

Do you suffer from unexplained headaches, itchy eyes, a streaming nose, or a lack of energy? Do you find you are unable to shake off this feeling of lethargy? If more sleep, a better diet, a healthier lifestyle, and guidance from your GP does not make things better, perhaps the answer lies closer to home. In fact, it may lie within your four walls.

Galway City Tidy Towns and Gardens Competition is now open for entries

Over the last year there has been something of a garden revolution taking place, with many people taking to their gardens like never before. After a break last year due to Covid restrictions, Galway City Council is now taking entries for the Galway City Tidy Towns and Garden Competition 2021. Entrants must be based in Galway City and can enter across categories such as ‘Best Front Garden’, ‘Best Residential Estate’, ‘Best Shop-front’, ‘Best Community Project’ and ‘Best School’.

Beneficial traits of hempceutix cold-pressed pure oils use

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Hemp plants are extremely effective at cleansing soil and absorbing impurities.

Local authority Cathaoirleach aims to encourage gardening sustainability

Westmeath County Council Cathaoirleach, Cllr Ken Glynn, is inviting individuals to consider alternative, more sustainable ways to garden and clean this springtime with the ‘Greener Gardening, Greener Cleaning and Greener Home’ hints guides.

The joys of walking in nature

Over the last year, COVID has forced most of the population of Ireland to spend an unprecedented amount of their time at home. Cut off from family, friends and colleagues and unable to travel, home has changed from not only being our domestic abode but to also becoming our workplace, our gym and our play zone. But squeezing so much under one roof 24/7 is not easy and it can, if we allow it to, feel too often like a prison.

Is your itchy scalp causing you distress?

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Are you tired of using different over-the-counter products and shampoo and still do not know what is going on with your scalp? Why not visit a specialist who specialises in hair and scalp condition.

Be Wise — Sanitise with SanitiseWise

SanitiseWise is a Galway-based sanitising company with a branch now located also in Connemara. Established some months ago, it specialises in the decontamination of Covid 19 using a highly sophisticated spray fogging system known as a SaniqueS3 and HSE approved chemicals.

Post Covid-19 —working with and not against nature

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Has the planet declared war on humanity over the last year? It certainly seems so as we witness one destructive storm after another in Ireland, heatwaves across Europe and southern Africa, hurricanes leaving trails of destruction from the Bahamas to Mexico, wildfires from Greenland and Siberia to Australia, melting ice from Antarctica to the Arctic, droughts in India, locust swarms in east Africa, increasing acidification of the oceans leading to the loss of a third of the largest structure on earth (Great Barrier Reef), city dwellers dying from poisonous air, flooding at crisis levels on every continent, soils becoming less fertile, and birds disappearing from the skies, insects from the fields and fish from the oceans.

Staying fit and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic

“If the benefits of being active could be bottled, it would be the most prescribed medicine on the planet.”


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