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Starting over can bring fresh opportunities

Retrain? It’s never too late.

Will the real Grace Kelly please stand up

Grace Kelly is surely one of the most iconic Hollywood stars of the 1950s. Her beauty and elegance were breathtaking. The fact that her grandfather was a bricklayer from Newport in Mayo just adds to the legend. In September (14 to 16), Newport will be hosting the inaugural Grace Kelly Film Festival to honour her life and glittering career. So how does a town with no cinema host a film festival? That is simple – by bringing in a mobile 100-seater cinema and transforming the local school into a venue fit to honour the Hollywood star and real-life princess.

Drunk man who headbutted patrol car window gets five months suspended

A Meath man who travelled to Galway to get treatment for his alcohol problems only to walk off the bus, go on the drink and end up arrested before headbutting the rear window of a patrol car and causing €425 worth of damage.

‘Stupid mistake’ cost Connemara man his job, relationship, and favourite sport

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A 28-year-old Connemara man, who suffered a brain injury after crashing his car while drunk on Hallowe’en night in 2004, says he was “stupid and ignorant” to drink and drive.


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