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Moate-based Michael Jackson radio documentary up for PPI award

A RTÉ Radio One documentary giving an exclusive insight into Michael Jackson’s time in the Midlands has been shortlisted for one of this year’s PPI (Phonographic Performance Ireland) Radio Awards.

When Loughrea was a ‘den of infamy’

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WITH ALL the attention being given to the run-up to the 1916 Rising, the event itself, and its aftermath, little if anything has been written in relation to the Land War, which took place some 35 years before Pearse stood in the steps of the GPO and read the Proclamation.

Public history lecture on the SS to be held in city next week

The SS, Nazi Germany’s most feared elite regiment, responsible for some of the most appalling crime against humanity in WWII, will be the subject of a public lecture in Galway next week.

The Galwegians who fought against Hitler

Some 42,000 Irishmen fought for the Allies and against the Nazis in WWII - including a number of Galwaymen - and their stories are contained in a new book.

CA Lejeune, the Observer's first film critic, enjoys a very brief encounter with Marlene Dietrich

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My friend John Kilkelly from Ballina gave me this beautifully observed article on the difficulties endured by journalists and the film studios trying to placate a famous star.

Imelda May takes the liberty of following her own path

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WHEN OTHER girls her age were listening to Wham, A-Ha, and Bros, Imelda May was extolling the virtues of Elvis, Eddie Cochrane, and Gene Vincent.

Former president’s daughter launches Euro campaign in Kilkenny

Psychotherapist, former Green Party Councillor for Dun Laoghaire Rathdown and former president’s daughter, Nessa Childers may seem like an unlikely character to be running on the Labour Party ticket for Europe, but she is adamant that she should be there.

Jackman shows his claws

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the first of the X-Men prequel series, giving Hugh Jackman another chance to show off his animal magnetism as we get the back story behind James Logan’s transformation into the fearsome and conflicted Wolverine.

Dawn Landes to play Love Music Hate Racism launch gig

LOVE MUSIC Hate Racism Ireland will host its Galway launch with a concert in the Róisín Dubh featuring Irish, American, and African acts on Tuesday at 8pm.


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