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New film recreates fateful night of bank guarantee

A new film which recreates the events leading up to the fateful night of September 29, 2008, when the Irish government guaranteed the entire domestic banking system and unwittingly started one of the most expensive bank rescues in history, is to be screened as part of a special live event at Mayo Movie World in Castlebar on Thursday evening.

Paddy wasn’t built for the sunshine...

Paddy wasn’t built for sunshine. You see, he never had much practice at it, despite he convincing himself that every summer of his childhood was spent on his back in the fields looking up at a sky with ne’er a cloud to be seen. With the sun-tanned shape of his Casio digital watch festooned like a white tattoo on his freckled arms, he told himself that this would be the best country in the world if the sun shone all the time. He says that he never noticed the wimmen of the country ‘til the sun shone and that he never appreciated the natural beauty of the countryside either. And when the rain and the winds came and they did come with earnest for the best part of a decade, he wished that the day would come when it would be warm in the morning and warm at night and that then all his ills would be cured.

A welcome for the whistleblower

You could be forgiven for thinking the world has gone back 50 years — there are Kennedys all over Ireland, there are spies hiding out in Moscow and trying to fly to Havana, there are hurling strongholds like Waterford left in the football championship and to cap it all, the Rolling Stones are still giving concerts.

Deal or no deal?

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It was another dramatic night in the Oireachtas earlier this month as the former Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide were put to bed after the best part of five years torturing the Irish people.

Funnnyman O’ Regan advises on how to avoid a recession

How did you get involved in comedy?

Éamon Ó Cuív - last of the Mohicans

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It came at around lunchtime on Sunday, four hours into the count that day, and after a marathon 13 hour count the day before - the first Galway West TD of the 31st Dáil was finally declared elected.

The golf game that brought down a government

ON MONDAY July 28 2008 Sean Fitzpatrick played 18 holes of golf with Brian Cowen on Druid’s Heath at the foot of Wicklow mountains. Afterwards they had dinner at the resort’s hotel.

Will Fianna Fáil say sorry? Will it hell?

Our economy lies in ruins, our sovereignty is gone, the dead bank Anglo has sucked billions upon billions from our exchequer, unemployment is high, the EU/IMF have arrived, and ordinary people face years of punishing taxes to pay for the delinquency of Fianna Fáil and the banks.

Fine Gael MEP invited to sit in on Government EU talks

Fine Gael MEP for Ireland North West, Jim Higgins, has launched a scalding attack on the Government and its handling of Irish banks.

New balls please

Time and time again we are fed the line that Anglo was included in the bank guarantee because it was of systemic importance to the Irish economy. When questioned not one person from Government was able to explain why precisely Anglo is of systemic importance. It is simply a mantra put forward by those who do not understand the issue and who are seriously out of their depth.

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