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NAMA moves to halt sale of Rockefeller Center condo by Glenamaddy developer

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The travails of Glenamaddy-native property developer Ray Grehan continue this week with the news that NAMA has moved to halt the sale of a New York apartment beside the Rockefeller Center, owned by Mr Grehan and his wife, which could fetch almost $1m if sold.

Is Government lifeline to banks going to cost us in the long run ?

The million dollar question on the lips of the tax-payer is, ‘is the proposed €400 billion pay-out to banks going to hurt anyone other than the tax-payer at the end of the day, when the economy recovers’.

Farewell to the west, we’re off to Leinster

Welcome to the world of the quick fix. Something bugging you? Have you done wrong in your past? Well, fret no more because this is the week that the world is turning the clock back and crushing any skeletons you may have in your cupboards. Are you a bank executive? Have you frittered away millions and still expect to get paid a sweet bonus? Do not worry, we can wipe all that away from you. Are you a hurling team which hasn’t won a title in 20 years? Not a problem either folks. Just sign on the dotted line here and we can whisk you away to another province. Welcome to the era of the quick fix where if you don’t like it, you can get it fixed. With the internet buzzing with spam emails offering boob enhancements for women and endowments for men that would make an elephant blush in the shower room, this is the era of want it, must have it. Now. Even Halloween has been shafted this year and with the Budget on in two weeks, we can go straight to Christmas. Yes, it’s a choice of freedom or crucifixion, to quote the Life of Brian. And this in the era when the birds are falling out of the hedge funds with the hunger and the world has gone mad with the PDs close to death and Galway United simultaneously one game from Europe and one game from the First Division.


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