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Get ready to relax outdoors at Aldi

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The mornings are brighter, the evenings are longer and with summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start preparing your garden and patio for the season. Stock up on the essentials with a range of outdoor living special buys available at Aldi.

Blooming amazing Irish-grown tulips from Aldi

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Spring is in the air, and there is nothing nicer than freshly grown tulips providing a burst of colour to your house.

Take care of yourself

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You might have heard through my cryptic Twitter updates, or just through the grapevine, that I am getting married later this year. Since I began planning the all important aspects, ie, dress and shoes, I have also embarked on a beauty buzz — that is an all-encompassing term in my mind to include skin prep, fitness, and my overall wellbeing. My skin has been a long standing enemy of mine. We do not get on and upset each other on a regular basis. It hates make-up, although wearing make-up on a daily basis comes with the territory in which I work, it has a penchant for turning a horrendous shade of red at the sight of any form of body moisturiser or deodorant, and when I really don't want it to, it decides to break out. Some might say that these are small problems but when you have been trying for a lifetime to find and stick with products which maintain a balance in skin tone and its temperamental behaviour, it gets a little bit stressful. So on the wedding planning adventure, I have found some great products for all kinds of beauty emergency or general routine to share.

Guarantee a comfortable winter with BetterBedding

As the cost of keeping the home cosy this winter keeps going up, BetterBedding have a cost-effective way of keeping rooms warm and cosy. Its new range of heavy fleece interlined curtains are perfect for windows of all sizes and patio doors and help cut down the cost of heating the home. The secret to thermal curtains is layers, multiple layers of fabric trap air and create invisible blankets of insulation to help stop draughts and reduce heat loss through glass.

Vitality in a jar with Aldi skincare

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Coming to the rescue of older ladies everywhere, Aldi’s Lacura Age Vitale skincare range offers a no-nonsense approach to dealing with the mother of all battles – the ageing process! Targeting the needs of mature skin (60+ age group), Aldi’s Lacura Age Vitale skincare range is designed specifically to restore lost moisture.

Maintaining your lawn with McHale Agri Forest and Garden

Whether you are tending your garden or have a large area of land to maintain, a perfectly mown lawn calls for a lawnmower that is tailor-made for both you and your garden. McHale Agri Forest and Garden has an extensive range of Husqvarna machines with several different cutting methods that meet virtually every cutting need. With the right equipment, the job becomes easier and the results better. As with all Husqvarna products, the focus on the user is at the forefront.


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