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Two brothers, two violins, one show

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SLOVAKIAN BROTHERS Vladimir and Anton Jablokov share a mastery of the classical violin, as they will demonstrate in An Taibhdhearc this Sunday.

Siobhán McKenna - A legend in Irish theatre

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French soldiers in World War I carried Joan of Arc’s image into battle at Ardennes, at Charleroi, at the Marne. They wore medals bearing her face around their necks, and tucked her picture into the pockets of their uniforms.

Experience the joy of Animaland at Zhivago

Zhivago Shop Street are pleased to introduce Animaland to Galway and to the west. With 650 locations worldwide, Zhivago felt it was high time the people of Galway had the opportunity to experience the magic of creating a collectable animal, a friend for life.


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