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The awaking of Augusta

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Isabella Augusta Persse (later Lady Gregory), grew up in Roxborough House, Co Galway, a large rambling estate house, with magnificent gardens, commanding some 18,000 acres over which her father Dudley Persse presided with almost feudal authority. His 13 children knew their wheel-chaired bound father as The Master.*

Quit complaining

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You slept in and are late for work. It is wet outside and you do not have an umbrella. Your head is aching and you cannot think straight. You have no time for breakfast and no doubt will now get caught in traffic and be delayed further. Worse still, you forgot to get cash from the ATM, you have little petrol in the car, and you are fed up with the Government, your nosy neighbours, and the corner shop which never stocks what you need. And you cannot stand the rain and the fact that it is mid August and there has been very little sunshine or the way that many shops forget to give your receipts these days.


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