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Roll over Rick Stein and tell Nigella the news

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‘Quenelles of Goldfish’, ‘Piglet Brains and Barley Wine’, ‘Chilli-Chocolate Songbird Hearts’, ‘Fag-Ash & Seaweed Anti-Cupcake’; these might sound like ingredients from a Monty Python sketch but in fact they are all from menus dreamt up by the fiendishly fertile imaginations of The Domestic Godless, an absurdist gastronomic art collective from Cork.

Empires of Light

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THE BLACK Country is an area of England where the industrial revolution was at its most intense, in cities like Birmingham, Coventry, and Wolverhampton.

Shooting the Breeze with Kevin Brophy, author of The Berlin Crossing and Another Kind Of Country

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Last year was a good one for Galway author Kevin Brophy with his Cold War thriller The Berlin Crossing garnering considerable critical acclaim. Now he follows that novel with a further foray into the murky world of East-West skulduggery and intrigue, in the newly published Another Kind Of Country.

Mark Ryan: from Adam Ant guitarist to award-winning playwright

WELSH THEATRE group, Company of Sirens, visit the Town Hall studio next week with Mark Ryan’s bold and accomplished play Sean Tyrone. Although his name may not be familiar to Irish audiences, Ryan – who died earlier this year – had a remarkable career as a musician, composer, and playwright.

New hangar opened in Galway Airport

Galway Flying Club aircraft have a new home after the Galway Airport officially opened its new general aviation hangar facility.

Pappy’s Fun Club - a very English kind of good–natured silliness

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IT’S HARD to top English comedy, but that nation’s approach to humour falls into two distinct categories, the dark, such as The League Of Gentlemen and One Foot In The Grave, or the wonderfully silly, like Monty Python.

Boy from the Black Country

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THE BLACK Country in the English West Midlands - so called because of the Industrial Revolution and the outcroppings of the coal scarring the soil black - is concentrated in and around the cities of Birmingham, Coventry, and Wolverhampton.


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