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The benefits of recycling our wasted community wisdom

I often wonder about the amount of wisdom that filters through our lives unused. The stories untold, the knowledge unshared, the information that is left under-utilised. All of our communities feature hundreds of people who have a major contribution to make to the betterment of life, yet there is often no facilitation of this expertise.

Garrett Phillipps Ros na Rún

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Smácht Mór on 11.11.11 — hear from the experts

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When Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the Irish mythical hero, suddenly became the sole benefactor of all the wisdom of the world by virtue of being the first to taste the salmon of knowledge he unwittingly deprived his boss of a hard-earned prize. Fionn, who was requested to cook the fish for supper, burnt his finger while cooking the salmon and put his thumb in his mouth to cool the flesh.

Learn about Irish proverbs at the city museum

The Galway City Museum will hold a public talk about Irish Seanfhocail, or proverbs, this Saturday at 2pm.


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