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The Pub Landlord - twenty years of ‘behaving appallingly humbly’

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IT WAS 20 years ago this year that Al Murray introduced the world to the Pub Landlord, his pompously loveable, slightly jingoistic, opinionated font of ‘common sense’, who espouses a ‘Thank God I’m an Englishman’ view of the world, and is hopelessly in love with being British!

‘People should stay rather than emigrate, it’s too convenient for the Establishment for them to go away’

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In these times of ongoing austerity, looming water charges, and general disaffection, God knows we could all do with a laugh. Let us raise our glasses therefore, in thanks and salutation, to writer Eamonn Kelly who delivers guffaws a-plenty in The Franz Kafka Centre for the Uninvolved, newly e-published and ready for download to a Kindle near you.

Springtime for Hitler

HOW TO perpetrate a theatrical get-rich-quick scheme: Find the worst play ever written; hire the worst director and worst actors in town; raise $2 million, officially to ‘stage the show’, but in reality for the producers to pocket; see the play close after opening night; then take the money and run for Brazil.

John Walsh on a life of writing and crossing borders

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THIS SATURDAY at 1pm, the Galway City Museum hosts the launch of Border Lines, the debut collection of short stories by poet, publisher, and singer/songwriter John Walsh.

Food and feelings: what’s eating you?

What does kindness have to do with weight loss? For most people, absolutely nothing. Instead, discipline and motivation are seen as important for following a rigid diet and getting into shape. When we slip again we blame and criticise ourselves for our lack of discipline, and turn to our favourite food for consolation. We torture ourselves over a number on a scale or a size on a dress when we’d be better off putting our energy into understanding our real selves. Our struggles with food cause tremendous stress, guilt, shame, and self-loathing. We’ve internalised a feeling of powerlessness and each time we try and fail, we subject ourselves to more of the same miserable feelings.

‘Despicable’ scenes at HSE-operated pharmacy

As the HSE and pharmacy dispute continues, many Mayo patients are left stranded without medication as the two HSE-operated pharmacies, which are part of the health services contingency plan, fail to provide necessary medication when needed. Patients who are not under the State drugs scheme were also left trying to find an open pharmacy in the county as pharmacists staged a protest about the HSE not entering into an agreement with them.

The unstoppable force that is Eddi Reader

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EDDI READER is something of an unstoppable force. Despite repeated injuries to her back and ribs, the celebrated Scottish folk-rock singer is touring Ireland this month and has a new album set for release in April. As far as she is concerned, life is very good indeed.


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