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Westport Walks Wednesdays to be relaunched

The re-launch of WWW Westport Walks Wednesdays for all schools in Westport, both primary and secondary, will take place on February 16. Since November 2009, schools in Westport have been quietly participating in WWW. Most schools in Westport were working towards their Green Flag for Travel, as part of An Taisce’s green schools programme.

Westport Walks Wednesdays to commence next week

All schools and businesses in Westport are collaborating to encourage everyone to travel to school and work in a sustainable manner. All commuters are requested to consider walking, cycling, car pooling, or taking the bus or train. This is a re-launch to encourage both schools and workplaces to get involved and it is intended to have weekly WWW days from now on. The first commences next Wednesday, February 10.


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