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New weight loss clinic now in Galway

Do you find it impossible to lose weight and keep it off despite your best efforts to diet? Does everyone around you seem to eat more than you, and yet somehow end up slimmer? Do you struggle to resist carbohydrate foods such as bread, cakes, chocolate, crisps, and pasta? Do most of your excess pounds sit around your tummy? Do you feel tired for much of the time, irritable, and unable to focus?

Fourteen day miracle weight loss tea available in Galway

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Weight loss and detox could not be any easier than this. A new weight loss tea called Yo Chi has arrived in Therapie Clinic Galway. Yo Chi Tea originates from an ancient Chinese formula developed thousands of years ago, specifically to help with digestion. The blend contains lotus leaf, oolong green tea, and a number of other ancient Chinese herbs, all of which have been specially selected because of their proven natural ability to purify and cleanse the body, and to essentially act as a nuisance in stopping the body from storing up food as excess weight, and burn excess fat which is stored in the body.

Burn more calories every hour, twenty four hours a day

With total focus on fixing your metabolism, System 10 can transform your weight loss, energy, sleep, health, and much more. A good metabolism is the foundation of everything you are. A good metabolism gets you burning more fat every hour, 24 hours a day.

Top natural health speakers for Galway talk

Evergreen is bringing two of the UK’s top natural health experts to speak at a special one-day event in Galway this March. Dr Marilyn Glenville and Patrick Holford will share the most up-to-date evidence-based nutritional solutions on how to gain more energy and improve health in the stressful lives we live.

Six-week ‘Get Healthy’ programme at Castlebar clinic

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A new six-week weight loss programme at the Connacht Nutrition and Dietetic Clinic, a dietitian clinic located at Unit 14C, N5 Business Park, Castlebar, has proved to be extremely successful.

Be a healthy weight this New Year with the help of Croi

A new weight management programme being run by the heart and stroke charity Croi will feature regular lifestyle screening.

Motivation Weight Management event to highlight importance of label reading

What’s in a label? The answer nutritionists and dietitians might give is your health, your waistband and the length of your life! Alarming statistics published in May 2014 indicate that a quarter of us are obese while 66% of Irish men and 51% of Irish women are above their recommended weight. Weight loss and health experts - Motivation Weight Management - believe that a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic in this country is a lack of education and confusion surrounding nutritional labels.

Is your thyroid killing your weight loss and energy?

Nothing affects your health and weight loss like low thyroid function. It drastically limits your energy and ages you well beyond your years. It can mean you are operating at 50 per cent of normal power – mentally and physically. It makes weight loss almost impossible because you burn 400 or 500 calories less than normal per day. It can limit or stop your weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercise you do.

Could hypnotherapy help people to think themselves thin?

Anyone who has ever struggled with his/her weight will be only too familiar with that feeling of frustration - and maybe even outright failure - that comes when a new diet or plan does not quite work out as expected.

Record demand for miracle weight-loss tea

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Revolutionary by nature and consumed globally, Chá Yi Tea is taking the Irish market by storm, with men and women nationwide brewing the benefits of an all-natural tea that helps to boost the metabolism and cleanse the digestive system to maximise weight loss. Chá Yi Tea is available from Therapie Clinic, which is struggling to keep up with demand.


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