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No grease lightning - think before you pour to protect the environment

Starting with a commitment this Christmas season, Clean Coasts, in partnership with Irish Water, is appealing to all budding chefs, home cooks and most importantly the washer-uppers in Westmeath and the Midlands region to ' Think Before You Pour' any fats, oils or greases (FOGs) down the kitchen sink.

Arctic naval convoys during World War II and a Kinvara connection

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During World War 2, after Hitler had overrun the continent and invaded the Soviet Union, the allies had made a treaty with the Soviet Union to supply them with war supplies. Cargo included tanks, fighter planes, fuel, ammunition, raw materials, and food. The early convoys in particular delivered armoured vehicles and Hawker Hurricanes to make up for shortages in the Soviet Union. The Arctic convoys caused major changes to naval dispositions on both sides, which arguably had a major impact on the course of events in other theatres of war. As a result of early raids by destroyers on German coastal shipping and a Commando raid on the Norway coast, Hitler was led to believe that the British intended to invade Norway again. This, together with the obvious need to stop convoy supplies reaching the Soviet Union, caused him to direct that heavier ships, especially the battleship Tirpitz, be sent to Norway, along with submarines.

Flood cells’ progress expected to curb potential threat of urban flooding

As the rising water levels of the River Shannon remain under close scrutiny, Westmeath County Council director of services, Barry Kehoe, has allayed the fears of urban residents and businesses who fear the potential detrimental impact of flooding should recent incessant rainfall continue.

The Salmon Weir Bridge

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The foundation stone for this bridge was laid on June 29, 1818, by William Le Poer Trench and the structure was completed the following year. The original purpose was to connect the new County Courthouse with the County Gaol on Nuns' Island. It is a fine gently humped five-span bridge which was originally known as ‘The New Bridge’ or ‘Gaol Bridge’.

Local communities seeing benefits from Irish Water’s continuous investment in wastewater treatment

Communities across County Westmeath and the Midlands region continue to benefit from Irish Water’s progress in improving wastewater treatment, resulting in a cleaner environment, enhanced water quality and greater capacity to support growth and development.

Engineering has more to do with your character, say women charged with developing Galway’s water needs

To mark the proximity of International Women’s Day and Engineering Week, local engineers hve outlined their role in ensuring that water services in Galway are capable of being developed in line with the expanding need.

Memory of Headford priest sees Irish Water experts deliver safe water to developing countries

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The memory of the work carried out by a missionary priest from Headford who was murdered in Uganda 20 years ago next week has inspired engineers to deliver water supply to needy communities in the African country.

Take steps to prepare for freezing weather and to conserve water

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Irish Water and Mayo County Council are asking homes and businesses to take some simple steps to avoid damage to their pipes and help conserve water during the cold weather.

The importance of staying hydrated

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Here's a question for you - do you think you drink enough water?

Irish Water to begin repair work on Long Walk wastewater infrastructure

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Essential repair works on a malfunctioning wastewater holding chamber at the Long Walk, which has been causing raw effluent to enter the Corrib estuary, will be carried out in May.


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