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Life and how it is lived - on screen

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DANGEROUS JOURNEYS, complicated love lives, actors dragged out of retirement, and finding a supernanny for a naughty little boy - it is all happening on screen for the Galway Film Society’s autumn/winter season.

A powerful portrait of survivors of the Kennedy dream

A New York City bar on Valentine’s Day 1974 brings together a remarkable cast of characters as Robert Patrick’s award-winning play Kennedy’s Children comes to the Mullingar Arts Centre on November 22. This will mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

The challenge of Crusheen Bridge

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Not everything was wasted during the Celtic Tiger years. Galway has benefited greatly from the motorway to Dublin, as well as the Gort by-pass, which gives motorists a clear run to Limerick on the impressive M18. No one will be sorry to see the end of the Crusheen right-angled turn under an impossible railway bridge. Artics needed the whole road to make the turn, causing delays and gasps of incredulity at the narrowness and the danger of it all.

Peadar De Burca divulges Why Men Marry at Town Hall

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WRITER/PERFORMER Peadar De Burca returns to the Town Hall next week with the final episode of his hit comic trilogy dissecting the male psyche and its desires. Having already regaled audiences with his comic explorations of What Men Want and Why Men Cheat he now spills the beans on Why Men Marry. And as it transpires, De Burca is singularly well placed to discuss the topic because he married his Polish girlfriend Wanda just a couple of weeks ago. Indeed the material in the show largely charts his own odyssey toward that fateful phrase ‘I do’. “With the other shows I was interviewing other men about what they wanted and why they cheated, etc, but this one is much more about my own personal experiences,” he discloses over an afternoon coffee. “A friend came to see one of the other shows and they observed afterwards that whenever I was talking about my own experiences rather than those of people I’d interviewed it seemed to come more from the heart and consequently worked better. So I took that on board and this show is about my own marriage experiences and my wedding and my ideas about it all. Of course you’re still taking into account the people around you, your mother, your bride, her family and they’re all included in the story too.”


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