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Churchill lost patience, and simply turned off the tap

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Because most people in Brigid Kavanagh’s farming community near Strokestown, Co Roscommon, did not have a radio in September 1939, no one knew that war was declared between Britain and Germany until some time later.

Curiosity comes good again during lockdown

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Curiosity (the shop) in Westport kept the good side out during the trying times of 2020 to still raise funds for a number of local groups and charities, despite their doors being closed for long periods.

It’s time for patience and calm

They say that patience is the ability to idle your motor, while in reality you feel like stripping your gears and throwing it all overboard.

Maisie's story - ‘sincerity, humour, a celebration of a life’

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"AGE CONFERS wisdom" goes the old adage, and there is a value in listening to the experiences of those who have lived through trying times in the past, which can in turn "enrich our understanding of the present".

Through The Glass Darkly

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That happiness - what it is, where is it found, and how to hold onto and maximise it - is big business these days is obvious to anyone browsing the ever-expanding New Age section of book shops, large and small. Titles like The Seven Steps to Happiness or How to be Happy 365 Days a Year and dozens of others all promise to show how happiness can be achieved easily, painlessly, and permanently.

Cottage on substantial land located within tranquil setting

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Ballinamore Bridge

We must work 'against reason, against all discouragement that could be'

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Like everyone else, Insider needs occasional harmless distraction on social media, so a recent challenge to 'write the first sentence of your 2020 memoir' was tempting - until I realised most of us had the same depressing pun: It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times.

Have patience with those re-emerging

Imagine if you can, that you have been hibernating in the far end of the chamber at Newgrange all year, wrapped up in the darkness, comfortable with your own forced comfort, and only stirred and woken by the advancing light of that solstice sun making its way like an orange sabre, as if it is setting fire to the dusty floor until it rests at last at your bare foot.

Everyone is deserving of compassion, says Gabriel Byrne in appeal for Galway Hospice

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Renowned Irish actor Gabriel Byrne has appealed for support for Galway Hospice afterits fundraising was decimated by the cancellation of annual collections.

Give healthcare worker a bonus May Day payment as a 'gesture of solidarity'

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A one-off payment of €1,000 should be issued to healthcare workers during the May Day Bank Holiday as a gesture of solidarity and appreciation by the Government.


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