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Beware the dangerous paranoia about China and Russia

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Imagine if Iran, the Peoples’ Republic of China, and Russia suddenly announced a military pact to counter Boris Johnson which would involve the building of 12 nuclear submarines, with the contract for building said submarines being awarded to the smallest of the three, Iran.

Author to donate all proceeds from his book to the Wild Atlantic Words literary festival

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Clogher resident Tony Lynott is generously donating all of the proceeds from the sale of his book to the Wild Atlantic Words literary festival.

Arts bureaucrats urging writers to put themselves up for sale?

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In a book called Das Kapital, first published 154 years ago, Karl Marx predicted capitalism would, in time, transform everything into a saleable commodity.

Six movies to check out on the new Disney Channel

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The sound of silver - Flirt FM to mark 25 years on air

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On Monday September 28, at 12 noon, it will be exactly 25 years since Flirt FM, the award winning campus, community and alternative radio station, located at NUI Galway, went live on air.

‘The desire of Democrats to deny Trump a second term animates them above all’

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He may be rank alongside James Buchanan and Herbert Hoover as the worst ever president of the United States; his country has the highest levels of Covid-19 cases (+6 million) and deaths (+183,000 - higher than the number of US soldiers killed in Vietnam), which has led to a severe spike in unemployment levels.

It really is time to mask up

In the last five months since lockdown was first imposed, we have continually heard a new set of buzz words in association with Covid-19 - PPE, self isolation, social distancing, flattening the curve, pandemic. We have been told we must accept these changes in our lives as the 'new normal'.

Giro de Gortmore to raise funds for Mayo Roscommon Hospice

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Two men who are isolating in Tourmakeady at present, will undertake a 200km cycle on Saturday, May 2, for Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation.

Lockdown views: Aisleen Clarke

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"I am looking forward to visiting family and friends. I miss my little nephews (aged one and four) and my parents. I’d be hiking up Croagh Patrick in the good weather with my parents and I miss being able to call into them. I’m looking forward to going out on my motorbike, going dancing, hitting the gym, and getting back to my pole dancing classes, and gymnastics.

The best box sets to watch on Netflix and Amazon

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WHILE I do love watching movies, sometimes when the nights are particularly long, having a TV show to binge on can be an enormous comfort. We have all watched a lot of these shows, such as Breaking Bad or Mad Men, so here are a few which maybe you have not seen yet.


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