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‘It is rather the want of the middle class…’

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For any visitor to Dublin in the early 19th century, to miss seeing the great Daniel O’Connell would have made their visit almost worthless. William Makepeace Thackeray, on the threshold of becoming one of the greatest writers of the English language, spent three months touring Ireland in 1842 collecting his impressions of the ‘manners and the scenery’ of the country and its people, for his successful Irish Sketch Book published some years later. Back in Dublin at the conclusion of his tour he lost no time heading to the Mansion House to see the Liberator in person.*

Bad beginnings to the autumn, with even worse to come

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Ordinarily, at this time of year, there is a sense of renewal as politicians, with their batteries recharged, return to work and a new Dáil term begins.

Bill & Ted Face The Music

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THIS MOVIE has been rumoured for the past 10 years and kept falling apart in preproduction. However, given that Keanu Reeves has had a pretty stellar decade in the box office, it means he has enough pull to get this passion project made.

Curlew structures unveiled for Tooreen

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The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has unveiled new Curlew structures in three Irish villages and towns, including one Mayo village, to celebrate the iconic Irish bird which remains under threat.

Visit your local Toastmasters Club from comfort of your own home

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In what has been an unprecedented year to date, Athlone Toastmasters Club have maintained a prominent presence within the local landscape.

Athlone Castle and Visitor Centre prepares for Culture Night 2020

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Athlone Castle and Visitor Centre is in the throes preparation as Culture Night 2020 fast approaches.

Aspiring students receive Leaving Cert results as outcome of Brexit talks imminent

There is no doubting what is the main issue in Ireland this week, and it is that of the Leaving Cert results on Monday, and then on Friday the first callout from the CAO.

A quiet space to mind ourselves, and others

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In the year that is in it, when we have all been twisted and turned this way and that by the vagaries of this awful disease, there are moments which sum us up as a nation which make us smile and realise what a great little place we can be when we stick together.

NUI Galway research leads to return of World War I hero’s medal

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Research conducted by NUI Galway academic Dr John Murray has led to the recovery of a medal, thought long-lost, belonging to a Great War veteran from Dublin who was decorated for bravery.

100 years since Galway’s 'Night Of Terror'

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THIS WEEK marks the centenary of one of the darkest episodes in the history of Galway as violence erupted on its streets resulting in a “night of terror” that left three young men dead.


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