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Free training available for the unemployed on western side of the city

Free training for the unemployed is currently available in Shantalla through the Galway Family History Society West project. The overall aim of the project is to provide skills and related knowledge to further develop and to enable people obtain employment or further education.

‘Magda’ story forces us to ask some difficult questions

Whether or not the controversial report this week about the Polish woman 'Magda' living the high life courtesy of the generous Irish social welfare system was entirely accurate or not matters little; what matters a lot however is that, just as with the 'mad and greedy' economy-crashing Irish people that our Taoiseach so readily informed the World Economic Forum about last week, much of the report contents were actually true.

Entitlements and the self-employed

Q. I am a self employed individual and have my own business providing repair and maintenance services to individuals and companies. In recent months I have lost several large contracts and the business is no longer viable. I have two employees who have worked with me for the last 15 years. I have been told that my employees will be entitled to jobseekers’ benefit if the business folds but as the owner I have no entitlements. Is this correct?


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