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Underwear for the Garden – Stopping the Flop

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Yes, you read that right – we’re talking about underwear for the garden this week. The importance of good underpinnings can’t be overestimated, and this is the time of year when you need to be getting them in place. The right supports for your plants will not only make them look good, but by keeping each plant upright and in its place, everyone gets their fair share of sunlight, air and water – so each plant can do its job and make your garden sing.

Paintings of wine and women

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ARTIST RUTH Cadden, recently featured in the Galway Advertiser with her article on her ‘Classical women in Penney’s underwear’ paintings, has an exhibition about to open.

Clothed classical nudes not classy enough, says artist

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I am an artist from Spiddal living in Westport and last year I created a series of works titled 'Neon Classical'. It involved Penneys’ underwear, Irish society’s no.1 choice in knickers and padded bras.

Connemara designer creates clothing line to make wearers look slimmer instantly

Connemara fashion designer Patricia O’Toole has created a unique clothing line designed to make women look slimmer instantly.

Beach belles

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The sun is splitting the rocks. Above you is an azure sky and stretching ahead is an endless golden sandy beach.

Getting the best value at the summer sales

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1. Make a shopping list (and as Santa would say check it twice!). This will not only focus your mind but will help you avoid buying items you do not need.

Style Isle

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Every celebrity stylist that graces the airwaves is an advocate of this. Every woman who has experienced the benefits of this will also tell you how it changed their shape and ultimately created better fit of their outfit. I am also jumping on the bandwagon to tell you all about the importance of one simple thing - underwear. Whether you need it to function as suction (admit it, we all want a bit of this) or you need comfortable support, then there is nothing else like it. Let me pose a question, when we are putting together outfits for an occasion, for arguments sake, how often do we consider the style of our undergarments to compliment the shape of our dress or trousers? The majority would answer very little. So we need to get back to basics, and start with the first layer.

Flatter your figure

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The new Flatter Me Knickers from M&S are the perfect everyday underwear solution for the modern women who is looking for a little bit of control in the tummy area.

Style fixes for plus size women

Finding stylish casual or occasion wear can be an epic struggle when you are a plus size. Styles can be either too old fashioned or shabby. Celebrities such as Adele or Melissa McCarthy show that you can be full figured and beautiful. There is no reason why you should not look your best.

Ten ways to extend the life of your clothes

“Help, I’ve nothing to wear” is a very common complaint from women, especially.


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