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Mexican-Irish hero to be honoured in Clifden

A Clifden man, who was one of the founding-members of the San Patricio Brigade of the Mexican army, is to have a Sinn Féin cumann named after him.

Galway Government TDs called on to oppose water charges

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Calls to scrap the controversial and publicly mistrusted quango of Irish Water have intensified with one former government TD declaring the body a “fiasco”.

Sinn Féin senator accuses Government of ‘failing’ rural communities

This year’s Budget has very little to offer those living in rural and Gaeltacht communities and will do nothing to stem the decline in rural populations, Sen Trevor Ó Clochartaigh said this week.

Connemara MND sufferer fights for operation denied by HSE

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A Connemara MND sufferer has accused the Health Services Executive of denying him the right to choose to undergo an operation that will extend his life and has set up the Andrew Lydon Trust to help raise funds for the procedure and extensive aftercare that will be needed.

TALKING POLITICS: Cometh the hour, cometh the man?

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Galway political anoraks will not have failed to notice how Fianna Fáil councillor Ollie Crowe has taken over from his brother, Cllr Michael J, as the ‘Face of the party in the city’, these last three years.

Sinn Féin & The Noel Grealish Party

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A senator and a Galway County Council seat in Connemara; three council seats in the city; and a councillor for Oranmore Athenry, and all for Sinn Féin, while Labour is on the ropes, bruised, battered, and both eyes blackened.

Oughterard school to replace prefabs not ‘fit for teaching’

St Paul’s Secondary School in Oughterard, which had been forced to remove some of its students and staff from decade-old prefabs after its roof started caving in, has welcomed the news that funding to construct permanent classrooms has been approved.

FF and Independents to catch up on FG in the county?

Fine Gael looks set to continue its current dominance of Galway County Council, but Fianna Fáil and Independents are set to have a solid election and may even narrow the gap with the governing party.

Sinn Féin proposes more democratic representation for Gaeltacht communities – Ó Clochartaigh

Gealtacht communities should have a greater role in the structures that administer their regions, that is according to Senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh.

Fianna Fáil could take three seats in Connemara

Fianna Fáil look set to challenge for three seats in Connemara in May’s Local Elections, but there will be no return to the party’s former dominance of the area.


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