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Toy Story 4 proves a worthy entry in the series

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I was pretty nervous about this. It is tough to follow an almost perfect trilogy and it felt completely unnecessary to make a fourth Toy Story. However, Pixar recently fired it's studio head John Lasseter after sexual harassment claims, so right now, the company really needs a win.

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Cinema review: Inside/Out

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PIXAR HAS come to the end of a very unPixar like run. Its last three films, Cars 2, Brave, and Monsters University have been two uninspired sequels and a disappointing original film, and had lowered excitement levels for a Pixar original.

It’s Disney time in Loughrea

THE BEST loved songs and scenes from Disney movies will be re-created on stage by the Loughrea Youth Theatre in its new show DisneyMIX.

Cinema review: Toy Story 3

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Eleven years after Pixar’s second installment of the phenomenally successful Toy Story series, Woody, Buzz, Andy and the rest of the colourful gang are back for one more momentous outing.


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