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Serious deficiency in Dermatology Services in the south east, claims Breathnach

There is a serious under-provision of dermatology services in the south-east, according to Labour Party councillor Tomás Breathnach.

Animals at war, virgins in Loughrea, poitín, and peace at the ‘Augi’...

World War 1 is the backdrop for the London box office success War Horse. It’s the story of bravery, loyalty and a mutual bond that grew between a young farm boy and his horse. But it is the highly imaginative and skilful way that the story is presented that has caught London’s imagination. The play is based on a book by Michael Morpurgo; and a recent acknowledgement by the public of the role animals have played in war, from the horse, the mule, the dog, the pigeon, even the humble glow worm used by sappers in No Man’s Land as they drew maps in the dark*. During the merciless, and relatively recent Battle of Stalingrad, (July 1942 to February 1943), 207,000 horses were killed on the German side alone (the human cost was an unimaginable one million). Animals are still used to help solders navigate rough terrain, or for dolphins to seek out mines, and dogs to sniff out contraband.


The death of Stoffel Vogelaar of Bohea, Liscarney, Westport, on January 2 came as a great shock to his family and friends.


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