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'We are ambitious. We're looking to go as far as we can'

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SOMETIMES THE hype is justified. When The Last Mixed Tape call The Clockworks “a band definitely on the verge of breaking through”, Outcast magazine declared them ”Ireland's next big thing”; and U&I described them as the kind of group “the Irish music scene has been overdue for some time”, it was not talk. It is fact.

The Clockworks - live in the city

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THE CLOCKWORKS, one of the most impressive young Galway bands on the scene today, who have released a number of promising singles, play The Cellar this weekend.

Buzzcocks - punk legends to play Galway in November

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THE SEX Pistols and The Clash may get all the glory, The Damned will always have released the first British punk album, but Manchester's Buzzcocks might just have cast a larger, and more longer lasting influence on music.

Album review: The Goon Sax

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THE ESSENTIALS of Indie music - a sense of the fey and jangly; an appreciation for DIY punk, but softened by the melodicism of The Beatles and The Smiths; a regard for the slacker ethos; nerdy preoccupations, sometimes ambiguous sexuality; and always a deep strain of melancholy.


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