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Let's do the timewarp again!

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"A JUMP to the left/and then a step to the right/put you hands on your hips/and bring your knees in tight/but it's the pelvic thrust/that really drives you insa-ie-ayee-ayee-yay-ane...let's do the timewarp again!"

An exciting new season for Athlone Film Club

The start of the autumn heralds an exciting new season for Athlone Film Club, which marks the club’s third year of entertaining Athlone audiences with classic and contemporary films in the Dean Crowe Theatre.

Stars ‘shine’ on the night with 10k for charity

Tina turned out to be ‘simply the best’ on the night when stars took to the stage for charity and Cathy Fitzgerald won the hotly contested charity competition outright on Sunday night.


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