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Madness, Obsession… and Water

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As you read this we could be in the middle of a drought or heatwave, or we could have just had two month’s worth of rain in approximately four minutes – this complete unpredictability of climate is one of the things that make this Emerald Isle so attractive to folks who have two seasons back home – summer’n ‘winter, wet or dry, hot or cold. It’s also one of the things that drives the natives nuts. I think it’s one of the reasons the Irish are famous for being so friendly – conversation is never, ever a problem, whether we know you or not. “Desperate isn’t it! For July, like! It’s ridiculous!” “Isn’t it beauuutiful out thank God! Sure we’re long overdue a bit of sunshine…” Maybe this slight edge of madness and obsession makes us more interesting to tourists, or is that wishful thinking?


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