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Council signs up to partnership with All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

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At a ceremony at the recent Mayo Day event in Turlough House, Cathaoirleach of Mayo County Council, Cllr Blackie Gavin and Chief Executive Peter Hynes, signed a framework agreement with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, to formalise Mayo County Council’s long-term commitment to support pollinators in the county.

The way of life of the bee

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BEES, ANTS, and beetles are disappearing eight times faster than mammals, birds, or reptiles, and the current rate of decline may lead to the extinction of 40 per cent of insects over the next few decades.

Seeing an innovation ecosystem up close at Portershed

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Last week I attended Portershed for a week of work experience where I fortunately got the opportunity to meet various entrepreneurs, start ups, growth companies and state agencies located in Portershed. Its goal is to create an innovation ecosystem, one that creates a synergistic relationship between people and companies that facilitates idea generation, open learning, collaboration and accelerates commercialisation.

Gardenwise - Plants for Pollinators

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Early this morning, letting the dog out to, ahem, powder her nose in the garden, a gentle humming reminded me that the day’s work was already under way for bees on the early shift. Closer inspection of a nearby catmint revealed several little furry bodies buzzing harmoniously as they moved methodically from one bloom to the next. This plant – Nepeta “Six Hills Giant” – is a magnet for them and you will often find several bees busy at work on the same plant.

Ireland on alert for flying ant invasion

As a result of the early and warm start to the summer, Rentokil is advising that the annual nuptial flight of ants is imminent. An ant invasion is likely to be seen over the coming days and weeks as flying ants make their annual return.

Seahorse Aquarium Galway — catering for all your fish keeping needs

Have you ever wanted to keep real Nemo and friends but had no idea where to go to purchase your own Nemo Aquarium? Well Seahorse Aquariums Galway is the place to visit. Seahorse Aquariums, an aquatic specialist store, caters for the novice to the expert fish keeper.


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