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Syd Arthur - neo-psychedelic quartet play Galway

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IN PSYCHEDELIC music, few figures as pivotal as Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett and Love’s Arthur Lee, so it is hardly surprising that both men should appeal to a quartet of Canterbury psych fans.

A green tribute to Pink Floyd

EPIC MUSICAL explorations of inner and outer space, the human psyche, and the outer limits of rock - Pink Floyd excelled in this like few others.

Syd Arthur for Strange Brew

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CANTERBURY WAS at the centre of English psychedelia in the late 1960s and early 1970s, being home to the melodic Caravan and the “out bloody rageous” Soft Machine.

The return of the Irish Pink Floyd

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THE FLAMING Lips acknowleged their debt to Pink Floyd last year when the Lips recorded their own version of Dark Side Of The Moon.

The Spirit Of Pink Floyd

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THE SPIRIT Of Pink Floyd Show, a major celebration of the music of the legendary British band, is coming to the Black Box Theatre on Friday April 9 at 8pm.

The Irish Pink Floyd return to the Róisín Dubh

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AFTER THE Beatles, there are few English bands that have cast as large or as long a shadow, or wielded greater influence on all areas of rock music than Pink Floyd.

The Irish Pink Floyd

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While Radiohead (and many rock critics) will not admit it, we all know OK Computer was The Wall for the 1990s and that Thom Yorke and co are indebted to Pink Floyd.


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