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Celeb versus fashion

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No fashion brand these days is without a celebrity collaboration. Not that this kind of endorsement is needed for the high street brands, but between guest designers, or just famous faces of campaigns, celebrity engagement with the fashion industry is at its peak. Coming into summer, we have seen a plethora of famous faces get stylish, from Beyoncé to Miranda Kerr; so if you want to get your hands on some hot summer pieces here are the ones to watch.

Swimming and diving at Blackrock

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You can see from this turn of the century photograph why this area of Salthill would be known as Blackrock. Up until about that time there was a great tradition of fishing here. There was a small cluster of fishermen’s thatched cottages at Blackrock until the night of the Big Wind, when they were all literally blown away by the storm and the tide, forcing the occupants to move further inland.

Summer style

We got three days of scorching sunshine last week, did you enjoy it? Good because that was probably summer. With the turn of each year, we remain hopeful that this year, yes this year will be the one that brings that big ball of fire far far away to shine upon us. Yet we are defeated in its absence. But thanks to that little invention by the Wright Brothers, the jet plane is at our disposal to cart us to lands where the sun always shines.

Fashionistas rejoice as Brown Thomas launch Oh Buoy

Brown Thomas is right on trend with its nautical themed event, which takes place from Thursday May 10 to Sunday May 20. There will be launches across the store in beauty, fashion and swimwear.

How to be a swimwear goddess

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Get ready to turn heads on the beach this summer with top figure fixing swimwear tips.

Spring trends in lingerie available at Change

There are two big trends in lingerie and lounge wear this season — romanticism and graphic purity.

Figure fixing swimwear

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Get ready to turn heads on the beach this summer with top tips to shop for the perfect swimwear to suit you.

Burgess specialists in bra-sized swimwear

Burgess of Athlone are specialists in providing bra-sized swimwear in larger cup sizes, and this summer’s stylish collection is now available instore.

Two exhibitions - one venue - tonight

SWIMMING IN Blackrock is a Galway tradition. No matter what time of year, no matter how cold (and it can be very cold), no matter the tide, no matter how rough the sea, it is something some of us must do.


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