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Your Career, Your Choices

I believe in the value of what is rather dryly called peer-to-peer learning. A good book to read on the topic is Paolo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed. We have been reared to put our faith in the ‘expert’ model – what is called in America the ‘sage on the stage’ model.

Protect your child’s teeth from the start with Babysmile

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Did you know that children as young as one or two years of age can have tooth decay?

‘Remember dem?’– Traditional sweet shop opens in city

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A new treasure trove of traditional sweets and treats will open in the city tomorrow (Friday Feb 25).

KC Blakes and Monivea Village Market

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KC Blakes

Tasty treats

Deliciously fruity recipes from Canderel, all of which would make that make an ideal brunch.

New York berry pancakes

This welcome change to cereals or toasts comes from Canderel. Canderel granules are a great way for you to dramatically cut your calorie intake while maintaining the delicious sweet taste you love. A teaspoon of Canderel granules contains only two calories compared to 20 calories in a teaspoon of sugar.


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