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Will Galway ever do ‘socially responsible sustainable’ planning?

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If the pre-Christmas fear that we would have a general election achieved nothing else, it did flush a few Dáil hopefuls out into the public domain, resulting in a bit of competitive electioneering, particularly from two of the city's more testosterone loaded FF hopefuls.

Galway Bay Cycling Club to hold novice cycling programme

Galway Bay Cycling Club, as part of the Cycling Ireland Bike for Life / Women in Sport Initiative, propose to hold a 6-8 week course beginning this weekend.

What's on in your community?

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Mayo Organic Group

Mayo farmers could lead the way on energy crops

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A bio energy specialist with Teagasc says that farmers in Mayo could lead the way when it comes to Ireland's energy crop sector, following the announcement of a new biomass power plant for Killala.

Cllr Keogh welcomes dog litter bins in the Monksland area

Local councillor John Keogh has welcomed new dog litter bins in the Monksland/Bealnamullia areas of Athlone. “I’m pleased to see that dog litter bins have been put up. I have been a long time trying to prevail on Roscommon County Council to put these up, thankfully it has now happened. Dog foul is extremely dangerous to young children and can cause a host of medical complaints... I hope that the erection of the dog litter bins will now encourage owners to clean up after their dogs,” he said.

Join Le Tour de Merlin Woods

The Tour de Merlin Woods will take place in Doughiska from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday.

IFFPG collecting more farm plastics

IFFPG, the national farm plastics recycling scheme, is providing some 200 bring-centre locations nationwide this year where farmers can recycle the full range of farm plastics. Farmers are advised to bring their silage plastics loose to the bring-centres. The rate this year for silage plastics is €12 per half tonne with the label code. This represents the most cost efficient recycling service.

Be kinder to the environment and save money with Natural Green Energy

In an age where the State is being fined up to .35,000 per day for being over its CO2 emissions, it is more important than ever that we, as a nation, become more responsible for our carbon output. We have become too dependent on fossil fuels — turf, coal, oil, and gas — when in reality we need to be looking at renewable sources such as solar, wind, and wood. We have the ability to heat our homes on a purely carbon neutral basis; making no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as a result of carbon offsetting.

What about my moss?

The winter months are the ideal time to address any moss issues that you may have with your lawn. The lawn experts at Greenhand recommend a moss control treatment followed up a couple of weeks later by a treatment called “lawn scarification”. What is scarification? Scarification is the mechanical removal of the moss and thatch layer while at the same time ventilating the roots of the grass to aid healthy growth in the coming spring. How do I know if I need scarification? Greenhand will examine your lawn to establish the depth of the surface thatch and overall sponginess. If there is excessive thatch Greenhand may recommend scarification. What effect will it have on the moss? Moss loves a moisture rich environment so it therefore loves surface thatch as moisture is trapped there preventing it from getting through to the soil below. Scarification removes this surface thatch and therefore the cause of the moss. How does Greenhand carry out scarification? A professional scarifying machine is driven over the whole surface of the lawn getting as close to the edge as possible (approximately six inches). The resulting waste is then removed and put on your compost heap. For further information and a free, no obligation, quotation, just phone Jean in the Greenhand office to arrange a visit from the team. Telephone 098 39155 or find them on Facebook at Greenhand Lawn Treatment Services, or visit

Crowe welcomes funding for new solar powered bins

It has been confirmed this week that upwards of €30,000 will be allocated to the installation of new solar powered compactor bins in Galway city this year.


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