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Suspended sentence for cannabis possession

A man received a three-month suspended sentence for the unlawful possession of drugs at the last sitting of Kilkenny District Court.

Four month suspended sentence for fire extinguisher salesman

A twenty-five year-old man who stole €800 in cash from a private home in Mullinavat, Co Kilkenny was handed a four month suspended sentence at Kilkenny Court this week.

Man jailed for eleven months for wife threats and assault of garda

Suspended sentences do mean something, warned Judge Mary Fahy who jailed a man for a total of 11 months this week after he threatened his estranged wife at her home and then grabbed an arresting Garda by the throat in an attempt to evade arrest.

Coach driver banned

A coach driver, who had been unaware his insurance was invalid because of an automatic penalty point disqualification, was banned from driving for 12 months and given a four month suspended sentence this week.

Suspended sentence for theft of perfume worth nearly €1,000

An heavily pregnant woman received a four-month suspended sentence this week for stealing bottles of perfume valued at almost €1,000, an act which was described by a district court judge as a “planned operation”.

Suspended sentence for man who assaulted gardaí

A 33-year-old Ballina man with 21 previous convictions was sentenced to a total of six months in jail — with the sentence to be suspended for 12 months — by Judge Mary Devins at Ballina District Court on Tuesday.

Suspended sentence for handling stolen film equipment

A three month suspended sentence was imposed on a teenager who was found handling a stolen film camera and boom microphone valued at €5,000.

Trolley dolly off her trolley gets 30 days

A young woman who attempted to shoplift a whole trolleyful of groceries by just walking out the front door of a supermarket, was given a month in jail at the District Court this week (June 10).

Westmeath drug addict fails to co-operate with probation service

A Westmeath drug addict who carried out a string of robberies in 2004 has had his part-suspended sentence reactivated after he failed to co-operate with the probation service upon his release from prison.

Man who stole flowers on St Valentine’s Day jailed for Post office fraud

A Galway man who tried to make a €200 profit at a post office by handing in a doctored social welfare slip, and who stole a bunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day, was sentenced to a total of five months this week.


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