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State lab prioritising petrol stretching tests

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The number of complaints of suspected petrol stretching in Mayo has almost doubled since the end of September with the Revenue Commissioners and gardaí now investigating 222 from this county alone.

New year fitness at The Coast Club

While wanting to pursue an active lifestyle is certainly admirable, leaping into a new exercise regime without the proper preparation can result in debilitating injuries and painful ailments.

Simon Rowan Physiotherapy

Sporting activities make specific demands on the body. Regardless of the level of preparation or participation, these demands make the athlete susceptible to injury. Chartered physiotherapists have specialist knowledge of sports injuries and this ensures effective management of an injury with the earliest return to full sporting participation, while minimising the risk of re-injury.

Be fit for this season

We have ran tips over the past few weeks from fitness expert Eddie Sheehan. This week he is offering more tips to keep you in shape for 2009.

How stretching can explode muscle growth

When you think about gaining weight, stretching is probably not the first thing that pops into your head. But stretching plays a critical role in building muscle, and developing muscle tone.


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