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Shell to Sea calls for two days of protest at tunnel site

Shell to Sea has called for two days of action this weekend starting today, Friday April 1, and tomorrow Saturday April 2, at Aughoose where members claim that Shell E&P Ireland has started construction work on a 5km tunnel which will go under Sruwaddacon Estuary. However Shell E&P Ireland in response to the accusations from Shell to Sea, issued a statement denying it had started tunnelling works and said it was only carrying out site investigation works in preparation for construction and they had not actually started construction works. The statement from Shell E&P Ireland stated: “Shell E&P Ireland Limited is currently carrying out site investigation work on its own land in Aughoose. This is in preparation for the start of construction work on the onshore pipeline.”

Shell to Sea call on Minister for Environment to protect estuary

Shell to Sea has called on the Minister for Environment John Gormley to protect the environment and turn down Shell's application for a foreshore license which would entail carrying out destructive surveying works in Sruwaddacon estuary.


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