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New fisheries campaign aimed at trout anglers during Mayfly season

Inland Fisheries Ireland recently announced the launch of a new campaign, ‘Operation Ephemera’, which is designed to alert anglers to the intensification of efforts to detect those who either take undersize trout or more trout than the rules allow.

Athlone conference to hear findings into origins of brown trout

Inland Fisheries Ireland in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast will present the findings of a three-year research study into the genetic make-up of Ireland’s brown trout and sea trout populations at a one-day conference at the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone, on October 17.

Missing family pet

This female cat, Peachie, is four years old. She has been missing from her home for several days. She is dark brown with orange spots and is very friendly. She also loves tuna.


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You know, it’s easy to forget sometimes that we, as a nation, are incredibly well placed at the edge of the Atlantic to take advantage of some pretty incredible seafood. And one such treasure from the sea is tuna. Many an Irish person is of the opinion that tuna is some kind of tropical fish which primarily arrives on our tables and in our lunch boxes via a tin and can opener, but the reality is that tuna is abundant off our coast at certain times of the year. Interestingly Ireland has the potential to tap into ‘big game fishing’ as a small industry, as I believe catching a tuna with rod and line is possibly the greatest fishing challenge of all.


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