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Flamenco dance concert at Black Box

SOLTANDO AMARRAS, an evening of traditional flamenco dance and music takes place in the Black Box Theatre on Thursday May 10 at 8pm.

Globe’s heart-pumping fusion of music, dance, and percussion

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AMONG THE highlights of the upcoming Baboró children’s festival is the pulsating music and dance production Globe which has been put together by bodhrán-virtuoso Robbie Harris and Dave McFarlane.

The passion of flamenco on the Town Hall stage

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SPAIN IN the Middle Ages was Europe’s most advanced society, a cultural melting pot, and the crossroads of great civilisations.

Flamenco classes start soon

FLAMENCO DANCER Fatima Lucia will begin a new term of flamenco dance classes on Tuesday in Árus na nGael, 45 Dominick Street, from 7pm to 10pm.

Learn Spanish to the passionate beat of Flamenco

Flamenco is a Spanish art form with deep roots in Andalusia - Spain's southern region.  There are different theories as to how this folk music evolved, but the details are lost in history. 

Flamenco superstar Jose Parra to perform in Black Box

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THE INTERNATIONALLY renowned virtuoso flamenco ‘cantaor’ José Parra returns to Galway for a concert at the Black Box on Saturday December 6 at 8pm.

Experience the spirit of flamenco at the Black Box

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FLAMENCO, THE vibrant, passionate music and dance style, a fusion of the Islamic, Jewish, and Spanish cultures of Andalucia, will take over the Black Box Theatre on Friday June 12.

Learn to dance and sing Flamenco

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THE FLAMENCO singer and dancer Magdalena Navarrete will host series of Flamenco dance, song, and culture in the Galway Dance Centre in June and July.

Flamenco classes restarting soon in Galway

FLAMENCO DANCER Fatima Lucia will begin a new term of flamenco dance classes on Tuesday January 19 in Áras na nGael, 45 Dominick Street at 7pm.


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