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A Russian family and a greedy mayor

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A FATHER, his second wife, and his son live together, all harbouring resentment towards each other. Then there is the mayor, who is determined to take their land. This is Russian film Leviathan, which will be shown in the Town Hall Theatre by the Galway Film Society this Sunday at 8pm. Directed by Andrey Zvyaginstev, it won Best Screenplay at Cannes 2014.

Bothersome Man at Ballina Film Club

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Ballina Film Club’s autumn/winter programme continues on Tuesday December 16 at 8pm, with The Bothersome Man in Ballina Arts Centre. Norwegian director Jens Lien's debut, The Bothersome Man is a surreal, idiosyncratic black comedy. When forty-year-old Andreas (Trond Fausa Aurvag) mysteriously arrives in a strange city, with no memory of how he arrived, it seems a perfect place to live. He is fitted out with an office at an accountancy firm, and a smart new apartment. The people are friendly; he even finds romance with the pretty Anne-Britt (Petronella Barker). But beneath the surface, there is something sinister. This clean, efficient, smiling town is entirely without human feeling. Dinner parties are strangely joyless affairs, where friends obsess over interior decor. Hot chocolate is bland. And anyway, where on earth is he? Soon, Andreas is determined to escape. Admission costs €7.

Expand your interests at Ballina Arts Centre this January

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Beacon – works from the Ballinglen Arts Foundation at Ballina Arts Centre


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