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Galway legal firm nominated in four categories in Irish Law Awards

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The annual Irish law awards event is due to take place on June 9 at the Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road, Dublin. The awards, sponsored by Dye & Durham Corporation, seek to identify, honour and publicise the outstanding achievements of lawyers regionally and nationally.

Solicitor from Galway establishes Solicitor’s firm in Castletroy, Limerick

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Clutching a candle, Tom Casey withdraws his evidence

The horrific Maamtrasna murders, the arrest of 10 men, the rush to ‘justice’, the evidence of the Cappanacrehas (known to be bitter enemies of the murdered Joyces), the two informers Anthony Philbin and Thomas Casey (whose false evidence led to penal servitude for life for five innocent men, and the execution of one innocent man), was followed in minute detail not only throughout Ireland, but in Britain and among the Irish communities in America. Yet nowhere did it impact more than on the mountainside community of Maamtrasna .

The police were told ‘an astonishing tale’

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Then on August 17 the so called Maamtrasna Murders were committed. It was a crime that the local police dreaded not only because of its horrific nature, but because of the unlikelihood that the perpetrators would ever be found. Usually in a closeknit community, such as at Maamtrasna , the murderers would never be revealed, at least never to the police.

An introduction to O’Donnellan & Joyce – it all started in 1982

O’Donnellan & Joyce started building its foundations more than 50 years ago when Colm O’Donnellan and Tony Joyce became friends. Little did they know they would celebrate more than 40 years in business.

Less stress, more success with our first-time buyer grant guide

First time buying made easy with our first-time buyers' financial guide, a template which can help young house hunters utilise all the aids on offer to become a home owner.

Advice for first time buyers in Galway

There is almost unanimous agreement among the estate agents we spoke to on what is most important for first time buyers, and it can be summed up in one word: Finances.

How to avoid being stung by the hidden costs as a first time buyer

If you're planning to make the leap into home ownership in Ireland, make sure you won't be stung by hidden add-on costs like conveyancing fees and stamp duty.

Historical Society talk in Claremorris


Former Chief Justice the keynote speaker at Athlone legal technology conference

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Former Chief Justice, Frank Clarke SC described the introduction of technology in the courts during the Covid-19 pandemic as a “forced experiment” in his address to an audience of legal practitioners and students at a legal technology conference held in TUS Midlands Athlone Campus.


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