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Cyberbullying and how to deal with it

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We are living in an age of technology which as we all know can have many benefits, however it can also create real harm and distress to our teenage population today. E-mails, mobile phones, cameras, texting, and numerous websites and chat groups such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok are being used by young people to bully other young people and their friends in and out of school. Photographic images are used which can be seen by strangers as well as people known to you. This can harm the online image of the person involved. Cyberbullying can be persistent and permanent in some instances. Sometimes it can be very hard to notice as teachers or parents/guardians have not picked up on it online.

One-to-one Junior Cert tuition

FCL Galway is offering Junior Certificate maths classes on a one-to-one basis and there are a few limited places remaining. The classes are delivered online, but Frank Murphy will meet the students and parents in person initially to explain exactly how the classes are formatted and how they can gain maximum benefit from the tuition.

Meet the local women who are trying to demystify egg freezing

The co-founders of Galway based yoga and wellness company, Yoga Mara, sisters Rachel and Hannah Healy have taken control of their fertility by going through the process of egg freezing and want to spread awareness to fellow Galwegians about the benefits of the process.

Cyberbullying and how best to deal with a problematic issue

Patricia O’Flaherty -Guidance Counsellor

Popular Bubble Tea shop in Galway's Latin Quarter for Sale

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This is a beautifully decorated sit-in and takeaway Bubble Tea plus fast food take-away shop in the densely populated Latin Quarter area of Galway City.

Rising comedy star, Anna Clifford, comes to the Róisín on Saturday February 18

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What would you do if you came back from a phoneless retreat in the wilderness to find out the world had entered a global pandemic, your boyfriend had ghosted you and your mother might be on the way out?

Chicago-based Blogger Ranks Monroe’s as Favourite Spot for Irish Pub Grub

Chicago-based food blogger, Katie Kelly, has named Monroe’s as her “favourite spot” for Irish pub food on a recent whistlestop tour of the city.

GRETB Employer Services – providing staff training to develop new skills

The GRETB Employer Services unit works in collaboration with employers in Galway and Roscommon to provide work-based learning opportunities to support employee development.

Here for the bear — Original Teddy Bear Hospital returns

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The Sláinte Society in University of Galway have announced the return of the much loved Teddy Bear Hospital to the Bailey Allen Hall on University of Galway campus.

It's not a dog's life anymore with pet talent agency, Urban Paws.

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In typical Galwegian fashion, the first thing we spoke about was the weather.


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