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Metal, heft, sludge - and two FEAST debuts

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IT IS their first Galway gig in four years, and their debut gig at FEAST. Either way if you have not seen Belfast band Hornets before, this weekend provides you with the excuse to rectify that omission.

Moother Mooch - psychedelic doom grunge

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MOTHER MOOCH deliver "a full spectrum of heavy music", according to Doomed & Stoned, with "Alice In Chains style vocals, up-beat Venom-esque tempos and groovy psychedelic solos".

Metallers Ainriail - album launch and Cellar gig

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SLUDGE DOOM metal duo Ainriail launch their debut full length album, My Heart Is A Knot of Blood, in The Cellar this Saturday at 8.30pm.

Skip car services and beware of sludge, says Ford

Ford dealers from across the country are reporting that, in the current tough economic environment, a significant number of car owners are opting to forego their car’s annual service.

Dark Arts metal fest @ The Cellar

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THE DARKER, heavier side of music, the beautiful black beast unleashed originally by Black Sabbath in 1970, will be heard, performed, and celebrated at the Dark Arts Fest in The Cellar this Saturday.

Walpurgis Night IV - unleash the metal

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WALPURGIS NIGHT was a May Day’s eve festival when witches met and held revels with their gods to stir up trouble before the spring came. Sounds like a good night to hold a metal gig.

War Iron to lead Cellar metal night

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BELFAST METAL band War Iron, who formed out of stoner sludge doom band The Naut, play The Cellar underground tomorrow at 9pm.

Fuzzed Out Sessions at The Cellar Bar

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FUZZED OUT Sessions is the name of a new night for hard rock and heavy metal gigs and the pilot event for the nights takes place downstairs in The Cellar Bar this evening at 8pm.


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