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Irish have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with their skin

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New research from the Thérapie Clinic - #LoveIrishSkin - shows most Irish (61 per cent) feel far less attractive than people from other countries, because of our Irish skin tone. One in 10 of us even hate our skin entirely.

Get even skin tone

There is one thing that can make or break how you feel about your appearance: your skin. It is always on show and, even though make-up can hide minor blemishes, nothing boosts your confidence more than a beautiful complexion and even skin tone.

Fade dark spots

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A dark spot corrector from No 7 cosmetics claims to fade age spots in just four weeks. Age spots are a form of hyper-pigmentation or brown discolouration of the skin caused by the increased production of continued presence of melanin. Many factors contribute to hyper-pigmentation including hormonal changes or the most common, long term sun exposure.

Restore your skin’s radiance with a youth nfusion treatment

Have you ever wondered how the Hollywood A-listers always seem to sport a stunningly radiant, youthful and utterly flawless complexion? It is not all air-brushing. In fact, the secret, we can reveal is with a super-hydrating, jet-effect treatment called a JetPeel, youth-infusion treatment and now you too can avail of this stunning treatment at Shop Street’s, Galway Therapie Clinic.

The famous JetPeel Facial only at Therapie

Therapie Clinic has been a leader in the health and beauty industry for over 11 years now and has introduced the most effective and advanced skin treatments available in the world. Therapie Clinic recently opened at 4, Fairview Terrace, Garden Vale, Athlone, just beside Athlone Towncentre, and are causing more than a stir with their celebrity favourite JetPeel Facial.

What you have always wanted to know about your skin

On Thursday November 11 from 4pm to 8pm, get a personalised prescription for your skin at an event which will take place at the beauty clinic (appointment only).


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