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Why do we listen to lies from people who are lying about the Lisbon Treaty?

Lisbon will worsen the economic crisis — Conway-Walsh

“Lisbon will worsen the economic crisis both in Ireland and throughout Europe” according to Sinn Fein Councillor Rose Conway-Walsh. “The threat to our economy is not in a rejection of Lisbon. It is in the ongoing privatisation policies of the government and the failure to properly invest in education, health, childcare, research and development and broadband.” Rectifying these failures will be all the more difficult if the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, the councillor claims.

‘I never wanted to be Dana’, O’Leary tells Knock on Yes campaign stopover

Slightly later than advertised, despite Ryanair’s usual record of arrival before time, the familiar figure of Michael O’Leary strode into Ireland West Airport Knock last Tuesday morning with European flag in hand, which he quickly draped over the podium at the head of the room. Along with O’Leary was European Transport Commissioner Antonio Tanji. The two men on first glance appear as strange bedfellows for the Yes campaign, especially when Commissioner Tanji constantly mentions his support for passenger rights in relation to air travel, something that O’Leary tells the assembled crowd is something he will vehemently fight against.

New social housing system not conducive to home owning

Members of Kilkenny Borough Council have expressed concern about the new approach to the provision of social housing that has been proposed by the Government and taken on by local authorities in Kilkenny and across the country.

Mayo county councillors racked up more than €800K in six months

Figures released by Mayo County Council under the Freedom of Information Act have revealed that Mayo county councillors were paid out €836,212 from January to the end of June 2009, all relating to the six months pre-election. Independent Castlebar Councillor Frank Durcan who sought this information said that these figures are “immoral in the times that are in it”.

‘Sinister’ planning bill denounced

During Monday afternoon’s county council meeting, councillors vented their anger at the Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill 2009 which is being debated at present in the Dáil.

GI Joe takes no prisoners

Local politics seems to be getting very interesting as the new members find their feet and learn how to knock others off theirs. GI Joe has hit the chambers like a whirlwind and he seems to be taking no prisoners.


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