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Poll topper Keena exceeds local election quota on first count

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Galway city’s new council

Seven new councillors were returned to City Hall in last weekend’s local elections, including three Sinn Féin candidates, the party’s best performance in the city in living memory.

Welby secures first seat in Conamara

Just as the tiredness was setting in, the Bailey Allen Hall at NUI Galway was filled with the sound of cheering as Independent councilor Thomas Welby was the first candidate to be elected for the Conamara electoral area.

Galway City Central - the complete results

After your first preference, where will your ballot go?

By the time you read this, you may have already been to the polling station and cast your vote, or you could be deciding where to mark that number one on the ballot paper later on today. Are you going to give just one preference or are you going to go right down the ballot paper from one to 15? Will it matter who you give your number two to, or your number five to? The answer is yes it can, so if you do not want someone to get elected, do not give him or her a preference, it may be a long shot but your preference down the list could come into play and help a candidate over the line.

Kilcoyne and Durcan elected on first count

It was independents day in Castlebar on Saturday afternoon, as both Michael Kilcoyne and Frank Durcan were elected to Castlebar Town Council on the first count. After a long morning's counting the tally's came to true, as from early on both independents looked cert. to make the quota which was set at 486, which Kilcoyne came just shy of doubling with his first preference vote of 965 votes. Kilcoyne who was first elected to the council in 1999 has steadily seen his numbers rise through the last two elections.


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