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Crashing the glass ceiling

Q: I am a professional female. I consider myself competent and ambitious. I am looking for a position of responsibility. It seems that most of those jobs are held and hired by men. The result is, more men. How do I access those roles when it seems really impossible? (BC, email).

‘It’s always a necessary time to be a feminist’

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THE F-WORD, the city’s annual Feminist Festival returns from August 6 to 12, with an array of events ranging from music gigs, storytelling, workshops, political discussion, the visual arts, a march, a swim, and even bicycle repair!

Women complain at ‘blatant’ discrimination in teaching profession

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Week IV

Dr Sal O’Malley fought twenty-six years for equal pay

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Week II

We should be critical consumers of Fifty Shades of Grey

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Rape is wrong; no question. But consent? Well there are all sorts of shades of grey. Not only do we get told the greyness of consent is realistic we also get sold a notion that it is in fact sexy. So where is the harm?

Lilies ritual

Mayo Women’s Support Services in collaboration with Mayo Rape Crisis Centre will host a number of awareness raising events throughout the 16 Days of Action Opposing Violence Against Women.

Eighty per cent of sexual violence survivors knew their attackers

Survivors of sexual violence and abuse knew the perpetrators of the crimes in nearly 80 per cent of cases, according to a new study, just published.

Fourteen treated at new sexual assault unit

The sexual assault treatment unit in Galway gave assistance to 14 people in just four months, according to figures released this week.

We all have a role in eliminating sterotypes

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The Equality Authority previously published a background paper on gender stereotyping in the marketing of goods to children. This publication highlighted how girls are portrayed as dependent, passive and nurturing in these advertisements and how boys are portrayed as independent, aggressive, and active.

Jasango theatre’s debut is a bombshell

Jasango Theatre brings its play Bombshells, a wild and passionate comedy by Joanna Murray-Smith, featuring Angela Ryan and Jasmin Finn and directed by George B Miller to the Passionfruit Theatre, Athlon.


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