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Exporting problem teens “very, very unsatisfactory” - judge


Private Security Authority “a quango”, says judge

Judge Seamus Hughes has described the Private Security Authority which regulates bouncers and security staff as being “like a private police force operating in this country”.

Moate man compared to Luis Suarez - and not in a good way


€4k or jail for €50 drug debt face slasher

A youth who slashed a man’s face over a drug debt so he could buy his child a Christmas present was given just a week to raise €4,000 in compensation, otherwise “you’re going to prison”.

Judge withdraws costs against An Post

Judge Seamus Hughes has withdrawn costs orders he made against An Post after furiously describing the licensing procedure as misleading.

Defendant shows no remorse in court after assaulting female Garda

A woman who showed no remorse for an unprovoked attack on a garda has been given the maximum three month prison sentence for assault.

Go-Safe demo impresses judge

A worthwhile event, is how Judge Seamus Hughes described his field trip to the Old Dublin Road, Athlone to see how a Go-Safe van operates this week.

Judge: life of crime doesn’t pay

A Mullingar man with 71 previous convictions, who demanded cash from a frightened man, has been jailed for four months.

Teen threatened with prison

“You walk out of here free today but you’re not free, because I’ll be on your case for the next 12 months.”


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