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It’s vintage dahhhhling..

The last couple of years have seen an upsurge in the popularity of vintage fashion in Ireland. The retro look has reclaimed its spot in the trendy charts thanks to a celeb following including (but not limited to) Alexa Chung and the Olsen twins. But we need to clarify something here. Just because it is old or second hand, does not make it vintage. In a lot of ways it’s an abused term. Whether it is clothing or jewellery, we are unofficially allowed to bestow the term on pieces which are of high quality and are covetable i.e., I own several vintage scarves which I have been collecting over many years from Hermés, Chanel and Gucci (pictured, Gucci scarf from my collection). And no they are not for sale.

Style Counsel

With the credit crunch it has become more important to make a full use of your wardrobe. Revamping and recycling your clothes is fast, easy, economical, and fun. You can create unique and original pieces without breaking the bank. You may have a couple of items that are a few seasons old and you are willing to get rid of them. Think of the possibilities you have to transform them onto fabulous new pieces — all you need is a couple of tools, your imagination, and my guidelines.


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