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Walking and cycling to school will improve concentration levels

We all grumble these days as we are filling our petrol tanks that fuel prices are rising to an all time high. When fuel prices go up, people often think twice about getting in their cars, especially for short trips. Cycling or walking to work or to run errands saves time and money, adds exercise into your daily routine, and helps reduce pollution. With the high cost of the school runs, more and more parents are thinking it is time to pump up those bike tires and buy that new pair of walking shoes to get their children to school. AA Ireland estimates that the average cost of running a small family car with an engine size of 1251-1500cc is now €11,817 annually, and back to school costs are estimated by parents at €487 for primary school children and €620 for those attending secondary school.

Green Schools travel initiative launched at Scoil RaifteirĂ­

Scoil Raifteirí in Castlebar along with 19 other Mayo schools are in the throes of preparing to receive their fourth green flags. The latest addition to the Green Flag project is the Green Schools travel initiative which was piloted in the east and is being rolled out in Mayo for the first time to 20 schools who have already received the first three green flags.


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