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The dreams and furniture of Higgins & DuMars

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KEVIN HIGGINS and Susan Millar DuMars are, after John Arden and Margaretta D’Arcy, Galway’s premiere literary couple and this weekend will see a joint launch of their new poetry collections.

Where did this Palin wan come from?

 For the past week a lot of questions have been asked about this Sarah  Palin. And no, we don't mean ones like "Would you?” No, we're  thinking more along the lines of what Senator John McCain was thinking when he picked his running mate.

Mayo needs a Sarah Palin — Barrett

“The way in which our natural gas resource was given away with no royalties negotiated for the people of Mayo is a sad reflection on our local body politic. It begs the question-where is the backbone of Mayo politics?” according to Labour representative Harry Barrett.

Hello Bertie,

Been tryign to cotnact you for last week, but no answer to any of your phones so I have had to resort to using this shagging email yoke. I havent a clue how to use it but I can hardly ask the secretary, some things have to remain private. Excuse any typing errors, I’m doing this with one finger although there’s plenty of people giving me the two figners at the moment.

Now, isn’t it high time we had a Traveller Taoiseach

The election fallout

No, I didn’t stay up to watch the election results, but, like most of the rest of the world I switched on my radio to get the results early on Wednesday morning.


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