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The achievement of Jessie Lendennie

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THERE IS a memory, somewhat hazy, probably romanticised, of the shop door opening one morning in the early eighties, and a young, statuesque, lady sailing in, wearing a flowing colourful cloak, somewhat reminiscent of an Adrienne Monnier or a Sylvia Beach.

Poems to disturb your peace

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THERE ARE people, those with the better variety of accent, and PhDs mostly purchased for them their parents, who will use the fact that James O’Toole’s debut poetry collection, The Street, is self-published to try and dismiss it.

A story to make the Marquis de Sade twitch in his crypt

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THIS NEAR horror story of a novel contains a positive message which surely applies to most of us: however messed up your relationships are, or have been, even the most embarrassing catastrophe in the history of your love life was a paragon of balance and sanity compared to an average day in the life of most of the characters in this darkest of tales.


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