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Classic fish and chips

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Here is another classic dish that you find on the menu in restaurants all around the county, we are lucky enough to have the freshest seafood around here in Mayo, and we like to cook it in the most modern ways. It is very hard to beat the classic cod and homemade chips recipe though, so here goes.

CHEF’S corner


Tasty treats

Striploin steaks with roasted baby tomatoes and vegetable puree

Teriyaki pork with beansprouts and carrot salad

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This is tasty low fat dish, but you don’t have to be on a diet to enjoy it!

Delight Health Cafe

For those converts to the church of the humble sandwich, Galway has for long boasted one of the best sambo eateries around in Delight.

Healthy recipes for January

With many hoping to lose a few pounds this January after filing up on festive treats over Christmas, here are some delicious recipes from

This is not just strawberries and champagne

Just one word - yum! Marks & Spencer is famous for its deliciously juicy strawberries and elegant champagne, and has now combined these two iconic products to dress your salad leaves in a totally new way this summer with the Strawberry and Champagne Vinaigrette.


Smoked trout salad


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